• QEV Technologies is importing respirators from China to supply hospitals.
  • The engineering is carrying out a series of initiatives to support 3D part printing.
  • QEV Technologies is in contact with the Health Consortium of the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona to be able to offer quick and effective responses.

Montmeló (Barcelona), March 24, 2020- Technology, teamwork, cooperation and solidarity. QEV Technologies joins the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by contributing to what it knows best: technology.

The engineering, specialized in electro mobility, has decided to stop its activity to give full support to different health institutions in Catalonia in front of the crisis caused by COVID-19. The initiatives promoted by QEV Technologies respond to the eventual lack of healthcare resources. Automatic Emergency respirators made with the company’s 3D technology will be provided, as well as KN95 protective masks and visors for healthcare personnel.

On the other hand, QEV Technologies is in close contact with the Resisteencia Team and Oxygen (CZFB) work teams, two initiatives that require 3D technology and whose purpose is to manufacture mechanical ventilation systems. The engineering has entered these projects to contribute their 3D technology in the production phase.

“We have joined their research teams, along with other engineers, technicians, and doctors with expertise in 3D printing and design, to jointly contribute to the creation of these much-needed respirators for COVID-19 patients. It is estimated that 3% of those infected by COVID-19 will require mechanical ventilation systems and will be considered in a serious state of health. This crisis has been and is a severe blow to everyone. The fight continues, but the healthcare system does not have enough resources. From QEV Technologies, our mission and duty right now, as professionals and citizens, is to use all our know-how and effort to contribute to the maximum in this cause”, says Miguel Valldecabres, the CEO of QEV Technologies.

Internally, QEV Technologies has created a working group made up of several engineering professionals, who have already started working with the design and manufacture of masks, visors and respirators, among others.

“We are putting all our production tools and knowledge at the service of the society. Our close contact with the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona allows us to know instantly what the production priorities are according to the needs of the hospital. In this way, we are able to react quickly to produce the resource that is required at every moment”, says Joan Orús, COO of QEV Technologies.


In parallel, QEV Technologies has imported respirators from China through its Chinese partners. The purpose of this initiative is to make the respirators available for health institutions in the coming days.

Furthermore, the company has decided to anticipate eventual sanitary shortages. For this reason, the company’s engineers are investigating different materials and resources to cover the functions of those resources that may be at risk if the circumstances do not improve. In this way, QEV Technologies is coordinated with the companies and plants in the area to provide an efficient response to all those needs of the closest Hospitals, including the ones in Barcelona.


A battery of solidarity measures and initiatives have been taken with a single aim to contribute in this battle against COVID-19. A battle we must fight together giving the best of ourselves. And also companies are playing an important role in it.