ZEROID is the new commercial brand powered by QEV Technologies, offering a complete range of sustainable vehicles and electric platforms for fleets and urban services, adapting and evolving technologically with the latest advances. This zero-emission fleet includes electric vans, cab chassis, electric buses, and hydrogen and electric platforms for buses and heavy-duty trucks.




QEV Technologies’ industrial Project, which has been validated by local authorities after an extensive tender process allowing QEV Tech to benefit from advanced and proven manufacturing facilities.

Strategically located factory in Barcelona’s free trade zone (Zona Franca Customs of Barcelona) with decade-long manufacturing know-how.

  • Gateway to and from the European Union.
  • No important duties, internal taxes (including VAT) or trade policy measures.
  • Proximity to air, sea and rail links minimizing transportation costs.
  • Provides a pool of 1,300 NISSAN former employees at the disposal of QEV Tech and its partner (no HR bottleneck, high/quality technical insurance thanks to the seasoned teams of workers).
  • Maximum production capacity: 180,000 vehicles per year.


Committed to the environment

ZEROID is committed to bringing the most advanced electric technologies to the public and commercial transportation sector, leveraging its “From Race to Road expertise. This commitment involves achieving the highest possible electric efficiency while providing a comprehensive range of services to manage your fleet.

With a clear dedication to the environment, ZEROID‘s global aim is to accelerate technological change in favour of electric vehicles, reducing harmful emissions in large cities and being part of the solution to the last-mile challenge, a significant and imminent logistics problem.

Think Electric!

Professional solutions with 0 emissions.

Business areas

Vehicles and platforms for a sustainable future

Complete Vans

Transform your business with electric vans: sustainability in motion.

Cab Chasis

The boost your business needs: electric cab chassis, the perfect combination of power and sustainability with environmental responsibility.


Develop your project with our electric or hydrogen platforms! Power, versatility, and sustainability.

Complete Buses

Pave the way to a sustainable future with our electric buses! Efficiency, comfort, and zero emissions for an exceptional transportation experience.


From Race to Road

We transfer our motorsport electric knowledge to the street transportation.


Using electric technology, we will be part of the solution of air pollutant emissions.


ZEROID adapts and evolves technologically with the latest advances.

Fleet control

Tool to allow optimal and efficient management of a fleet of Electric vehicles.

Fast Charging

We offer a complete method to control and monitor the entire ecosystem.

After Sales Service

24/7 Customer Support waiting for you.