¡Pioneer on electric motorsport!

Train yourself as an engineer or mechanic within the world of high competition, from QEV Technologies’ own facilities, an engineering company dedicated to electromobility.

At QEV Academy we combine concepts of engineering and racing mechanical concepts with real theory and internships in competition teams or in the motorsport industry itself.

The main goal is giving the students the real opportunity to develop their professional career in the racing world. Therefore, we offer our students the necessary training level that allows them to be competitive in the market from day one.

We are the only Spanish team specialized in electric Motorsport but at the same time the only national racing engineering with its own technical office and R&D&I department able to develop racing and street cars, focused on the R&D of the electric vehicle of the future.

Don’t think twice! Find out and choose which is the one that best suits you!

tiposPrograme types:
tiposIssued by Universitat de Vic
  • Universitat Central de Catalunya
  • 1 year – 550h
  • Sept-March 2021/22
  • *Final Internships: April – September 2022
  • 60 ECTS
tipos28 Places
  • QEV Technologies Headquarters, Montmelo
  • Mont to Fri, 18:00 to 20:30 *Subject to change
  • Spanish


With many years of experience in Motorsport, QEV Academy continues to be at the forefront of specialized training for racing engineers and mechanics; now leads the academic scene teaching Electrical Technology.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, it is able to transfer the highest technology from both the racing world and the road vehicle to the classroom. And this is reflected in the data: 80% of our students manage to work in the Motorsport sector, whether in its industrial or competition sides.

QEV Academy is committed to the personal and professional development of its students. For this reason, it offers you an experienced team of teachers, tools, its own vehicles and facilities so that your time at the academy is a vital, enriching and rewarding experience.


Director of the Master in Motorsport & e-Racing at QEV Technologies. Formula E Racing Engineer and ExtremeE Racing Engineer.

“Born and trained on the tracks we use the technology and experience of the races to transmit them to our students, both in classrooms and in internships. They are one of the team, with all the responsibility that entails. In QEV Technologies we know the keys that make an engineer and a mechanic the best specialist, we live it daily, we experience it on races and that is what we like to share with our students”.


Engineer with extensive experience in F1. He is currently our technical director at Mahindra Racing, as well as a commentator on Movistar + F1 and starring on #Vamos sobre ruedas.

“I have more than 20 years of experience as an engineer in the most prestigious teams and championships in the world (Race Engineer in Super Aguri F1 and BMW Sauber F1, chief engineer in Ferrari F1 and HRT), but I still keep in mind the origins of everything . I know that if someone does not give you the opportunity and invests in the best training to be prepared for it, you will not go far in this sector; The passion for your work must be accompanied by knowledge acquired from the best ”.​​


Motorsport mechanic with more than 25 years of experience behind him. Currently, among others, he is an F1 analyst at Movistar +.​​

“I have competed in a wide range of categories throughout my career, in which I have worked from mechanic, first mechanic, chief mechanic to Team Manager. That is why I know the importance of the mainstreaming of knowledge, the importance of working mechanics and engineers working side by side, and having a good team. That is one of the values that QEV Technologies has. It is thanks to each of the people who are part of it that are capable of achieving great victories, great challenges”.

El laboratorio de Cuque en Movistar F1 Vamos sobre Ruedas es en QEV Tech:
El simulador de QEV Technologies
Hacemos el Espejo del Ferrar F1​​


Argentine racing driver. ​Our driver in 2016 and 2017 for the World Touring Car Championship and Developer driver at QEV Tech.​

“I am one of those who think, that when a championship is won, it is thanks to the effort of the whole team. I have always felt identified with this company, both personally and professionally, because they are that: QEV Tech is a great engineering, a great racing team, that thanks to the experience, involvement and passion of each of them, they manage to accomplish great achievements , but above all they are a family for me. ​ They accumulate a wide range of knowledge, transmitting all the experience collected in racing to the street, both in the combustion and electrical side to develop impressive cars. Together with the human team behind, this makes them unique … and as I feel part of them, I say better: it makes us unique”.