Launched in 2018 by motorsports icon Travis Pastrana and the promoters of Nitro Circus and Nitro Rallycross, the Nitrocross championship is a fusion between action sports and short-format racing. This category seeks excitement and adrenaline above all else, to achieve this, its paths are specially designed with huge jumps and tight turns for intense and thrilling action.

CALENDAR 2023 / 2024
R1 | June 16th and 17th

Jay, Oklahoma

R2 and R3 | August 18th and 19th

Salt Lake City, Utah

R4 and R5 | November 10th and 11th

Phoenix, Arizona

R6 and R7 | December 9th and 10th

Southern California

R8 | February 2nd and 3rd

Calgary, Alberta

Series Finals | February/March 2024


About Nitrocross

Since its premiere in 2018, apart from some tests done in Europe and Canada, the Nitrocross championship has been mainly held in the USA. Each event features the Group E races, the category in which we compete with the FC1-X.

The main attraction of Nitrocross races is to witness the most powerful electric racing car built up to date, the FC1- X developed by QEV Technologies and Olsbergs MSE. The FC1- X is capable of producing the electric equivalent of 1,087 peak horsepower (800 kW), it can accelerate from 0-60 in just 1.4 seconds and launch faster off the line than an F1 car.

Same identity, different name

For the new 2023/24 season, the category previously known as Nitro Rallycross, performs for the first time with a new name: Nitrocross. The Championship has evolved to become its own discipline, nevertheless, the thrilling races and intense head-to-head battles, typical of rallycross, remain a fundamental part of Nitrocross’s DNA.

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