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We are a pioneering company in the field of electromobility that offers comprehensive engineering services, capable of carrying out all the parts involved in the process on-site. We are the only company in Spain dedicated to the development of high technology, with a long history in electric competitions, being present in practically all competition categories in this field since its inception.

This gives us a 360-degree vision to continue developing and applying cutting-edge technologies to our products. As car manufacturers, we develop and test our technical innovations in races before transferring them to the street vehicle, as has been done historically.

Our mission

Our mission is to showcase the unique value of our company at both national and international levels. We aim to highlight our ability to deliver the most advanced electric technologies in the industry through a comprehensive range of services. We take pride in our capability to carry out the complete development of a product, from the initial concept to the finished product, all within our own facilities. Our highly skilled team, with extensive experience in racing and R&D, is constantly striving for excellence through continuous learning and professional development.

Today, we are the only engineering and manufacturing company in Spain that is present in the most significant electric races worldwide, as well as in R&D industry. This enables us to adapt and evolve technologically with the latest advances in the sector.

Our vision

Our vision as company is to establish ourselves in the market as the first Spanish company that embraces this model and is a reference in the field of electromobility. We strive to be recognized as a benchmark in the development and manufacturing of high-performance electromobility solutions, pioneering cutting-edge technologies and demonstrating our expertise, which has been acquired through our involvement in racing.

We have a strong commitment to the environment and a general objective of accelerating technological change in favour of electric vehicles.

Our values

Human value

And the most important and characteristic differential value of this company: the human.
Transparent and Approachable

We stand out as a transparent and approachable business team, with a clear focus on maximizing the talent of each of our employees. Our commitment is based on fostering both personal and professional growth, providing the necessary support and opportunities for their full development.

Passion and Commitment in every project

At QEV Technologies, passion and commitment are defining characteristics of our entire team. We have highly skilled and passionate professionals who share a love for automotive, sustainability, and technological development. We fully dedicate ourselves to each project, giving our best.

Excellent Working Environment

Our working environment is distinguished by its approachability, providing a conducive space for the holistic development of each employee. We have a multicultural atmosphere where the team spirit is strengthened day by day. Trust and collaboration become the fundamental pillars of our relationships, creating an environment where motivation and diverse ideas are always promoted.

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