Cutting-edge technology in R&D

At QEV Technologies, our R&D team is focused on testing and implementing innovations in electric mobility. From supercars to practical applications, we work to bring these innovations from the track to the road, “From Race to Road”, transforming the way we travel.

Our e-Cars

We are experts in the manufacturing of electric cars, from the initial sketch to the final product. Our capabilities include short-series production and the application of proven technologies from motorsport. This allows us to create high-quality and high-performance electric vehicles. Our focus on competition drives us to innovate in electric mobility and quickly transfer those advances to street vehicles.

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Zedriv GT3
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Hispano Suiza Carmen
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Integral development and design of mobility products.

We offer complete development and design services for products related to electric mobility, ranging from the initial conception and functional prototypes to the final implementation, guaranteeing high quality and performance solutions. We also have a highly trained style, design and engineering team to cover all needs.

Development of propulsion systems (Powertrain, HV battery…).

We specialize in the development and optimization of all key components such as the powertrain and HV batteries for electric vehicles.

Development of electrical and electronic architectures (E/E) and associated software (VCU integration, BCM, BCU, etc).

We specialize in the development of software for vehicle control and management systems, including smart mobility applications.

Body Performance (aerodynamic efficiency).

Our approach is focused on maximizing the aerodynamic efficiency of vehicles, improving their energy performance, and reducing air resistance to achieve greater energy efficiency.

Dynamic studies.

We carry out exhaustive studies of vehicle dynamics to characterize and optimize the behaviour of vehicles in terms of handling, stability, safety, and comfort.

Structural simulations (CAE) / Fluid dynamics (CFD).

We use advanced simulation tools for the comprehensive analysis of our vehicles. We have experience in predicting the behaviour of mechanical components against static, dynamic and highly non-linear scenarios, as well as actively participating in the design of new components through topological and topographic optimization techniques. In the field of fluid dynamics, we carry out 1D, 2D and 3D analysis of internal and external thermal and fluid systems, such as the aerodynamics of a vehicle or the cooling system of batteries and propulsion systems. Our extensive experience allows us to couple structural and fluid analysis to carry out multi-physics analysis necessary to ensure the safety, durability, and optimal performance of each of our vehicle systems.

Simulations of driving cycles.

We can calculate specific consumption, autonomy and heat generated from hybrid and electric vehicles using both standard driving cycles (WLTP, WLTC, WHVC, HD-UDDS, SORT, NEDC, among others) and specific ones for each client through acquisition of GPS data.

Performance simulations.

We have experience in managing specific software to calculate lap times for racing cars, as well as performing parametric analysis that lead to the definition of the ideal set-up to obtain the best performance on the circuit.

Carbon Fiber and Composite materials.

We specialize in the development and application of carbon fibre and other composite materials in the automotive industry. We use these advanced materials to improve strength, reduce weight and increase the efficiency of vehicles, providing innovative and high-performance solutions.

Consulting Service

We offer consulting services specialized in automotive engineering, providing technical and strategic advice to our clients in various areas related to vehicle development and manufacturing.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and customized solutions that motivate innovation and performance in the automotive industry.

Software tools (ALIAS, CATIA/3DExperience, HYPERWORKS, MATLAB/Simulink, …)