Hispano Suiza Carmen

The Hispano Suiza Carmen features a super rigid carbon fiber monocoque chassis developed by QEV Technologies exclusively for this car. Inspired by the 1938 Dubonnet Xenia, one of Hispano Suiza’s most elegant and luxurious vehicles, the Carmen showcases a stunning design and an hypercar performance that reflects the team’s expertise. The car was globally exhibited at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.
750 kW / 1019 HP
250 KM/H
0-100 KM/H <3 SECONDS
> 400 KM

Elegance and unique style.

As a technological partner of Hispano Suiza, QEV Technologies has played a crucial role in the Carmen model creation, which is a true pioneer in the emerging electric hyper-luxury vehicles segment. This vehicle combines the typical extraordinary performance of a hypercar with exquisite luxury, exceptional craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to technical and engineering details. It represents the ultimate expression of a design inspired by classical elegance.

One of the outstanding qualities of the Carmen is its innovative T-shaped high-energy battery pack, which plays an essential role in the car’s central structure. Besides powering the vehicle, this unique design also acts as a Tuned Mass Damper (TMP), providing stability and reducing structural vibration for an even smoother driving experience.

The Carmen’s lithium-ion polymer battery pack has a base capacity of 80 kWh, this allows easy updates to increase battery capacity in the future. This ensures that the vehicle is ready to adapt to technological progress and the changing needs of drivers, keeping it at the forefront of electric mobility.

In terms of manufacturing, each unit of Carmen is handmade assembled, guaranteeing meticulous dedication and attention at every stage of the process. From the initial sketch to the final piece, our experts work with passion and precision to create a car that symbolises luxury, performance and quality.At QEV Technologies, we have taken care of the design, engineering, quality, electrical and mechanical integration, as well as assembly and manufacturing. With unbeatable dedication and commitment to constant innovation, we have contributed to the creation of a vehicle that redefines standards of luxury, performance, and technology standards in the industry.