Pioneers and drivers of electric mobility

At QEV Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience in the field of electric mobility and the development of competition and road vehicles. We are committed to the R&D&I of the electric vehicle of the future.

Our work areas

Commitment to urban transportation

Under the brand ZEROID, we are dedicated to bringing the most advanced and sustainable electric technologies to the public and commercial transportation sector.

Development capability

We have our own technical office to develop competition and road cars from the initial concept to the final product, focusing on R&D of the vehicle.

Leaders in the motorsport world

We are leaders in the electric Motorsport world and the only national engineering company with a presence in all global electric competitions.

Knowledge generators

Through our QEV Academy, we offer pioneering training in the Spanish industry specialized in Motorsport and e-Racing.

Experience and commitment

QEV Technologies is part of the energy and environmental challenge faced by cities to transform urban mobility and last-mile delivery into more sustainable options.

The founder of QEV Technologies, Joan Orús, embarked on this journey 20 years ago with the creation of a solar car that travelled across the salt lakes of Australia. The team’s competitive spirit led to countless victories in various championships. The experience gained in WRC, TCR, WTCC, and Formula E competitions has enabled us to develop cutting-edge technology. This technological innovation has opened doors to technological development and the manufacturing of complete vehicles from scratch for other automotive companies.

+100 People Team

Our team is the heart of QEV Technologies, it is due to its dedication, experience, and passion that we are able to provide cutting-edge electric mobility solutions. We are proud to have such an exceptional team, and we will continue working together to lead the way towards a more sustainable future in the automotive industry.

Each team member brings unique knowledge and experience, enabling us to deal with complex challenges and develop cutting-edge solutions in the electric mobility field. We work closely, fostering an inspiring and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity and ideas exchange.