ZEROID X1’s adventure in WRX comes to an end after two exciting race weekends

  • The two double-headers raced with the car developed by QEV Tehcnologies gave the fans thrilling battles
  • The ZEROID X1 allowed the WRX Championship to continue after the Lydden Hill incident
  • Johan Kristoffersson won his sixth WRX Championship

November 11th 2023, Barcelona – This weekend the WRX’s 2023 season has come to an end and with it the adventure in the World class category in Rallycross for the ZEROID X1. The car developed by QEV Technologies, stepped up to the premier class of Rallycross, when the Rallycross promoter earlier this September chose it to continue the WRX season, which was in standby since the Lydden Hill incident in July.

There’s been two double-headers in which the WRX stars have raced with the ZEROID X1: Cape Town in the beginning of October, and Hong Kong this past weekend. The change to the ZEROID X1 allowed the drivers to battle each other in equal machinery, giving the fans thrilling battles for the victory. In the Rallycross return to Cape Town, Timo Scheider was the first to end the winning streak of Johan Kristoffersson when he won the second race in South Africa. This past weekend, in the first ever Rallycross urban race, Kevin Hansen clinched the victory in front of a devoted crowd in Hong Kong. None of this, though, took the big prize away from Johan Kristoffersson, who managed to win his sixth World Rallycross Championship, the fourth in a row.

The fact that the car was the same for everyone, also allowed the rookie Patrick O’Donovan to battle against the regulars in better conditions… and he managed to win one Heat and finished third overall on the second race in Hong Kong.

As the 2023 WRX ends, the ZEROID X1 will be back to RX2e for 2024, as the official car of this series since its launch in 2021. So far, in these three seasons they have proven to be fast, safe, completely reliable and free from technical issues.