Montmeló (Barcelona), 12 April 2021 – QEV Technologies, specialised engineering and leader in electric mobility solutions, has been proposed to lead the consortium of national and international companies presented to reindustrialise the Nissan plant in Zona Franca, through the new Barcelona Decarbonisation Hub (D-HUB). This consortium is integrated by QEV Technologies as the national lead company and the Swedish companies Inzile and Volta Trucks as strategic partners.

QEV Technologies, together with the consultancy Improva, has presented the project to the Comisión de trabajo para la reindustrialización de las plantas de Nissan Motor Ibérica and KPMG (the committee’s technical assistant). The project aims to preserve both the industrial fabric and the current supplier network of Zona Franca area in Barcelona, and to mitigate the contractual problem resulting from Nissan’s closure.

In turn, QEV Technologies will launch one of its business areas that has grown the most in recent years, under the name QEV Factory. On the one hand, QEV Technologies is considering the possibility of developing and producing a Small Electric Vehicle (SEV) for private use, car sharing and last-mile delivery in its Cargo version at the Nissan factory.

The engineering company also plans to develop a second production line to deliver electric traction platforms powered by hydrogen fuel cells for trucks, buses and coaches, as well as the manufacture of platforms for 8 and 12 metre electric city and intercity buses, which are currently manufactured in China, and the mass production of a new brand of electric vans for fleet change and last-mile delivery, in collaboration with an Asian brand.

D-Hub is a multi-brand, multi-type vehicle manufacturing production centre based on the collaborative economy, which maximises the shared use of available assets in line with the latest, most advanced trends in the industrial world. Knowledge sharing articulates the operation of the Hub, which will enable national acceleration in the transition towards sustainable mobility in the automotive sector and the new Industry 4.0. D-Hub will positively influence the improvement of industrial, logistical and technological services, and in turn will promote dissemination and R&D, with a clear focus on sustainability.

The D-Hub envisages the integration of more than 10 industrial projects. In addition, it will offer the possibility for other companies to join to carry out their projects, benefiting from the rich ecosystem established. Several institutional, industrial and service provider partners have already confirmed their interest in the project by means of a letter of intent.

QEV Technologies has led projects such as the renaissance of the Hispano Suiza brand and has a long track record of success in a wide variety of competitions as a leader in the world of electric motorsport, with its presence in Formula E and as a promoter of RX2e and the ACCIONA SAINZ Extreme E team.


About QEV Technologies

QEV Technologies is a global engineering company specialised and pioneering in electromobility, based in Montmeló (Barcelona, Spain). Applying cutting-edge technologies, the company has a unique offer in the current electric vehicle market. With professionals and specialists from the world of engineering, motorsport and competition, the company is diversified in different areas of activity: the e-Racing division, focused solely on international electric racing championships (Formula E, RX2e, Extreme E); the e-R+D division dedicated to the comprehensive development of electric supercars and powertrains (Hispano Suiza Carmen & Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne); and the e-Bus division, to create the new generation of electric public mobility in developing countries, thanks to sophisticated off-the-shelf kits and platforms.


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