QEV Technologies and CAR-BUS.net successfully conclude the tests in Pyrénées Industrials with the eURBAN electric minibus, the first electric minibus to circulate in Andorra.

  • After a week of tests, QEV Technologies and CAR-BUS.net conclude the study favourably.
  • Andorra’s first electric minibus has already attracted the attention of the country’s operators and customers.
  • The electric alternative at industrial level will be key in the coming months, although the electric vehicle in Andorra is already standardised in the private sector.

Thurday 3, March – Barcelona. After a week of tests in the Andorran orography, QEV Technologies has successfully completed the study to implement the first electric minibus to circulate in the country of Andorra.

Car-Bus.net, together with QEV Technologies have chosen Andorra to carry out the first test for the eURBAN; both companies from Barcelona, have been doing several tests in the country to evaluate how this vehicle operates in the complex Andorran orography. Car-bus.net has designed this electric microbus ‘eURBAN’ on a chassis provided by QEV Technologies which can carry up to 22 passengers. It has a capacity of 140 kWh, and allows sufficient autonomy for a daily operation, according to Jordi Monferrer, CEO of CAR-BUS.net. It has a system that allows fast charging approved by the European Union, in addition to the electricity that the vehicle itself regenerates while in motion.

Javier Navarro, COO of QEV Technologies’ Mobility division, explains: “We have tested the performance in low temperatures and the consumption on slopes. The ‘eURBAN’ is a vehicle that fits perfectly with the needs of the Andorran orography.

Jordi Gallardo, Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, said: “The electric vehicle has already been standardised in the private sector and we still lack the more industrial part, and the fact that there are companies in the country developing this is the way for this type of vehicle to penetrate Andorran society and for companies and the self-employees to really see its viability”.

The manager of Pyrénées Industriales, Jaume Rey, believes that “it is a type of model that could be of great interest to the country’s logistics operators. In the case of Andbus, they are regular customers and are already buying similar vehicles from us in terms of seating and bodywork, and in the coming months we hope to be able to offer the electric alternative as well”.


About QEV Technologies

QEV Technologies is an electric mobility development and manufacturing company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. The company was founded by Joan Orus 20 years ago with the pioneering vision of ‘From Race 2 Road’. QEV Tech is now committed to transferring the most advanced electric technologies to the public transportation sector, from the conversion of traditional vehicles to the development and production of electric vans, buses and trucks. The company has also developed platforms of different sizes which can be employed to manufacture electric buses according to the standards required in different countries or specific uses.

QEV Tech has also been active in the world’s most important electric races from the inaugural stage, running teams in Formula E and Extreme E, and as the organizer and supplier of the FIA RX2e Championship. The technological innovation in electric racing has opened the door to the company to develop and manufacture high-performance vehicles from the design phase to the prototype and homologation, through being the official provider of other automotive brands such as Hispano Suiza and Arcfox.