QEV Technologies, BTECH and Ronn Motor Group team up in joint venture and establish themselves as leading bidders for Nissan reindustrialization

  • The Hub has received broad business and institutional support and more than 50 entities of different types have shown their interest in the great potential of the project.
  • The project is committed to the creation of a Decarbonization Hub that would position Spain as a leader in electric mobility innovation.
  • The strategic alliance envisages an investment of 1 billion euros over the next five years and the creation of more than 4,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs.

Barcelona, July 29, 2021. QEV Technologies, BTECH and Ronn Motor Group, pioneering companies in new mobility, join forces in a strategic alliance and present an ambitious project for the reindustrialization of the Nissan plant in Zona Franca. The joint venture is the candidate with the most options, with a pioneering plan focused on the launch of a Decarbonization Hub. An innovative project that has broad business and institutional support, and that would transform the manufacture of electric and hydrogen vehicles in the country, placing Spain as an international benchmark in electric mobility.

The alliance proposes an investment of around 1 billion euros over the next five years for the implementation of several cutting-edge projects in sustainable mobility. The confirmation of the Hub would also mean the generation of more than 4,000 direct jobs and nearly 10,000 indirect jobs through a wide network of suppliers and collaborators.

The huge potential of the project has aroused the interest and support of a broad representation of organizations from different sectors, including national and international companies, universities, technology centers, and energy, logistics and mobility operators. More than 50 entities have signed a letter of support showing their commitment and interest in collaborating with the Decarbonization Hub.

QEV Technologies, a pioneering company specialized in electric mobility, BTECH, specialized in vehicle development and industrialization for mass production, and Ronn Motor Group (RMG), a leading manufacturer of zero-emission hydrogen cars, are committed to a strategic plan focused on the development of a wide range of electric products for industrial and last-mile vehicles, as well as electric platforms for BUS and small trucks.

“Our goal is to boost sustainable mobility in a comprehensive way, a sector in which we are an internationally recognized player, but now looking for the industrialization of vehicles to profoundly transform new mobility, as well as urban transport and last mile logistics,” says Joan Orús, CEO of QEV Technologies.


An Accelerator Hub for sustainable mobility and Industry 4.0

The alliance would not only launch the manufacture of vehicles, but is also prepared to implement a manufacturing line under license (Contract Manufacturing), with the aim of exponentially multiplying the volume of industrial production, and for which more than ten national and international companies have already expressed interest. This is the case of Inzile, Volta, Quantron, HispanoSuiza, Lupa, Voltia, EBRO (Ecopower) and now, Ronn Motor Group (RMG).

The project also envisages continuing the production of some of Nissan’s existing lines, such as the e-NV200, under a new brand name, and would also house other cutting-edge projects. These include a battery approval and certification center with APPLUS Laboratories, the manufacture of hydrogen cells with SISTEAM, and the manufacture of battery exchangers for micromobility with VELA Mobility. The plan includes the installation of a battery development center within the Hub by EURECAT and the production of carbon fiber wheels with the company W-CARBON.

For its part, Ecopower plans to convert production of the Navara pickup into an electric pickup, resurrecting the mythical EBRO brand, while QEV Tech is committed to manufacturing a complete range of delivery vehicles with three electric van models and two electric BUS platforms of 8m and 12m.

“We have extensive experience and we are ready to make the leap to the industrialization of our technology. We believe in a new industry with national technology, led by local talent, that reaffirms our role as a world power in this sector, and that acts as a transformation lever to develop a business with high potential and future for new generations”, adds Orús.


A Consortium with extensive experience and guarantees

The alliance between QEV Tech and BTECH is a strategic bet between two leading Spanish companies, with more than 500 engineers and extensive experience in the manufacture of electric vehicles.  Now, with the incorporation of Ronn Motor Group (RMG) as a strategic partner, the project has become one of the strongest options on the reindustrialization table.

QEV Tech is backed by a long and solid track record in the sustainable mobility sector after more than 20 years betting on electric vehicles and a decade manufacturing electric supercars.

Barcelona Technical Center (BTECH) is an engineering company specialized in the automotive, aeronautical, railway and energy sectors with more than 15 years of experience in vehicle development. Through the constant search for innovative solutions to meet customer demands, BTECH professionals have developed and registered their own patents and are experts in assembly processes, industrialization, stamping and injection parts.

“We have long been concerned about the future and have been working with our team on an energy transition model. We are motivated and excited to contribute to the transformation of this new era of sustainable mobility. Our mission in the project is to bring robustness in serial and industrial product development. We have enough energy and strength to take on this important project for the country and to be able to help maintain jobs.” Says Rafael Ruiz, CEO of BTECH.

Ronn Motor Group intends to launch its European production of its HYDRONN commercial logistics product line and its premium sedan and SUV vehicles in licensed or Contract Manufacturing within the Hub. RMG’s MYST Q-SERIES luxury SUV and sedan are hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles that will feature a driving range of more than 700 km.

“Spain’s leadership in the development and deployment of the hydrogen economy positions the Decarbonization Hub as the ideal European headquarters for RMG,” says Ronn Ford, CEO and founder of RMG. “The partnership with QEV and BTECH will result in the creation of a powerful innovation hub, which will not only transform sustainable mobility, but attract investment, generate jobs and build an ecosystem for growth.”


The Decarbonization Hub project has the collaboration of the consulting firm Improva in the conceptual design and in the search for potential local and international partners, given its specialization in reindustrialization, new mobility and business transformation projects.




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