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The electric motor “dyno” allows QEV TECH to measure, in real time, the exact values of energy efficiency throughout all the stages of an electric powertrain. The system includes:

  • A water cooling brake capable of 3000 revolutions per minute
  • A data acquisition system allows the analyzing, in detail and in real time, of any stage in the powertrain, from the battery or power supply, measuring currents and voltages up to 1000V, to the motor and the gearbox, taking torque measurements thanks to sophisticated wireless sensors.

With the Motor Dynomometer test bench we measure in real time the exact values of energy efficiency.

Banco Motor

Motor Dynomometer

Measurements of all stages of an electric powertrain

The Engine dyno allows us to study different operating conditions of electrical systems

Thanks to its ability to subject all the parts involved in the propulsion of an electric vehicle to different operating conditions, QEV TECH is able to analyze the differences between manufacturers products (batteries, inverters, motors, transmissions) and opt for the most appropriate ones, according to the project requirements. Thanks to future developments, it will be possible to reach automated loading and unloading cycles, test under controlled temperature conditions, energy regeneration tests and simulations of driving cycles.

Capacity to be able to subject components to several resistances and temperatures.