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Conversion of combustion to electric powered vehicles.

The objective of QEV TECH is, on the one hand, to carry out the electrification of vehicles and on the other hand to modify the existing electric vehicles so that they are compatible with our charging networks. In the case of the Philippines, the first steps have already been taken, presenting the electrified prototype of the Jeepney, one of the most popular means of transport in both the urban and interurban environments of the country to their people. QEV TECH has been responsible for carrying out the entire conversion process from the traditional Jeepney into an electric prototype.

Electrification of vehicles compatible with our chargers network

In the QEV TECH headquarters, the first phase of design, manufacture and installation of the electrical kit took place. Subsequently, all the personnel involved in the project spent a month in the Philippines, at the Sarao Motors factory itself, and assembled the first electric powered Jeepney. Rigorous testing has begun as have the all-important media functions been carried carry out with the local media. Validation tests are currently underway to guarantee the requirements of the drivers of these vehicles are met and collaboration agreements have been signed with some of the most important manufacturers in this sector in the Philippines.

How has the whole conversion process, from the traditional Jeepney to an electric vehicle, carried out?

A NEW PHASE of the project is approaching too. More vehicle companies within the Philippines have opened their doors to QEV converting their vehicles to electric power via QEV´s conversion kits.

As it is practically impossible to mass produce cars and chargers ourselves, we are looking for partners to share this technology with and in each country, electric vehicles could be provided by a different manufacturers.

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