We teach the student by combining concepts of Racing mechanics and engineering. This mixture of theoretical and practical concepts plus real internships in competition (within QEV Tech competition teams or other partner teams) confers more value to the course.

With the main goal in our minds – that is to give students the real opportunity to develop their professional career in competition – we focus on providing to the students the necessary training level that allows them to be competitive in the market from day one.

QEV is the only one Spanish team that participates in the Electric Motorsport Competition and, at the same time, the only national racing engineering with its own resources that is able to develop racing and street cars. His speciality is the R&D of the electric vehicle of the future.


The University of Vic – Central University of Catalunya and QEV Tech are the ones in charge of delivering the official titles. With 60 ECTS, it has complete academic validity.

We know the importance of the real practices in races / e-industry thanks to the 10 years of experience that we have in this sector. For this reason, it is essential for the student to acquire knowledge and real work experience.

We know that the mixture of student profiles that come from professional training and engineering and their interaction complete the total understanding of what a competition team is. That is the reason why we have a common core base with a subsequent split where the student will specialize in:

✓ Manufacture with composites, soldering, mechanize and repairs.
✓ Manufacture, repairs and assembly of electrical installation.
✓ Electrical vehicle operation.

Integration into the labour market
Compatible with work hours or studies
Small groups


Theoretical/practical classes
Theoretical/practical classes
Total hours: 400h
Place: In our Montmeló facilities:​
Carrer del Rec Molinar, 11, 08160, Barcelona​

October to April: M-F from 06:00 p.m. to 09:00 p.m.
Internships in races and e-industry
Internships in races and e-industry
Total hours: 150 h
Starting in March, the practice hours in races with our teams or others with which we have an agreement.

Calendar: from April to November*​

*According to racing calendar


We give the real opportunity to develop a professional career in races
We have teachers with extensive experience in competition. QEV Technologies was born after more than 15 years in the Motorsport sector.
We offer real internships in the races and e-industry, which makes it possible to acquire real work experience.
Adaptability to the labor market. We have an 80% rate of integration into the competition labor market, our best guarantee is our alumni.



Formula E Race engineer and Director of the Master in Motorsport & e-Racing of QEV Technologies.

“Born and trained on the tracks we use the technology and experience of the races to transmit them to our students, both in classrooms and in internships. They are one of the team, with all the responsibility that entails. In QEV Technologies we know the keys that make an engineer and a mechanic the best specialist, we live it daily, we experience it on races and that is what we like to share with our students”.



Engineer with extensive experience in F1. He is currently our technical director at Mahindra Racing, as well as a commentator on Movistar + F1 and starring on #Vamos sobre ruedas.

“I have more than 20 years of experience as an engineer in the most prestigious teams and championships in the world (Race Engineer in Super Aguri F1 and BMW Sauber F1, chief engineer in Ferrari F1 and HRT), but I still keep in mind the origins of everything . I know that if someone does not give you the opportunity and invest in the best training to be prepared for it, you will not go far in this sector; The passion for your work must be accompanied by knowledge acquired from the best ”.​​



Motorsport mechanic with more than 25 years of experience behind his back. Currently, among others, he is a F1 analyst at Movistar +.​​

“I have competed in a wide range of categories throughout my career, in which I have worked from mechanic, first mechanic, chief mechanic to Team Manager. That is why I know the importance of the mainstreaming of knowledge, the importance of working mechanics and engineers side by side, and having a good team. That is one of the values that QEV Technologies has. It is thanks to each of the people who are part of it that are capable of achieving great victories, great challenges”.

El laboratorio de Cuque en Movistar F1 Vamos sobre Ruedas es en QEV Tech:
El simulador de QEV Technologies
Hacemos el Espejo del Ferrar F1​​



Argentine racing driver. ​Our driver in 2016 and 2017 for the World Touring Car Championship and Developer driver at QEV Tech.​

“I am one of those who think, that when a championship is won, it is thanks to the effort of the whole team. I have always felt identified with this company, both personally and professionally, because they are that: QEV Tech is a great engineering, a great racing team, that thanks to the experience, involvement and passion of each of them, they manage to accomplish great achievements , but above all they are a family for me. ​
They accumulate a wide range of knowledge, transmitting all the experience collected in racing to the street, both in the combustion and electrical side to develop impressive cars. Together with the human team behind, makes them unique … and as I feel part of them, I say better: it makes us unique”.


Automotive formative cycle holders
Automotive professional
Driver or ex-drivers


First Race Mechanic
Second Race Mechanic
Head of Mechanics
Automotive Assembly technician
Composites technician
Team Manager


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