QEV Technologies is the technological base of QEV, with their corporate headquarters based in Barcelona, located next to the famous Circuit de Cataluña in Montmelo.

QEV Tech is an engineering company specializing in the field of electro-mobility, which includes the design, construction and homologation of electric vehicles, the exploitation of electric vehicles in the racing world as well as the installation and the control and maintenance of electric charging infrastructures.

Design, construction, development and homologation of Electric Vehicles in the racing world.


QEV TECH is a company that offers a unique and masterful engineering service in this sector and uses a model focused on the development of custom electric cars, carrying out all the aspects involved in the process. With many years of experience in motor racing, which includes its successful participation in the FIA Formula-E World Championship, QEV has the incredible ability to design, build and offer all the necessary technical support for new electric prototypes.


QEV TECH has defined the operating architecture of the users control center, which will be in the facilities, and has been responsible for designing the entire operation model of the network, thus mounting a BACK OFFICE to control breakdowns, use of loaders, inform through an App the availability, etc.


QEV TECH directs the installation of electric vehicle recharging points in different countries where they are present thanks to their specialties in the installation of chargers for electric vehicles.


With a clear commitment to the environment, QEV is a global electro-mobility holding company with several subsidiaries worldwide. The overall objective is to accelerate a technological change in favor of the electric vehicle that provides better quality of life in city and health to its inhabitants.